About Us

Welcome to We Are Windsurfers, where passion, icon and windsurfing heritage meet. We are dedicated to honouring and celebrating this iconic sport through authentic designs.

Windsurfing is much more than an activity, it's an all-consuming passion that drives those who live it. Our products capture this thrilling energy, expressing the essence of the sport through dynamic and inspiring designs.

We pay tribute to the legends of windsurfing through our iconic designs. We shine a spotlight on the figures who have pushed the boundaries and inspired generations.

At We Are Windsurfers, we preserve the history and culture of windsurfing through every creation. Our products are a living legacy, ready to be worn with pride by those who share our love of the sport.

Join us in celebrating the passion for windsurfing and honouring those who have shaped it. We're more than a brand, we're a community united by our shared love of freedom on the water.

The We Are Windsurfers team