Pete Cabrinha, the interview

Pete Cabrinha, the interview

Crowned World Wave Champion in 1985, Pete Cabrinha has dedicated his life to surfing, windsurfing and art, a journey that has brought him personal success and worldwide recognition. His pioneering contributions to windsurfing, tow surfing, kitesurfing and foiling have defined what it means to be a waterman in the 21st century.

WAW: Do you remember when you started windsurfing?
PC: I vividly remember my first day of windsurfing. I was 15 years old in Kailua, Hawaii. My friend had a Windsurfer on the side of his house and he wanted me try it out while he was doing his homework. The winds were light but they were blowing offshore. I immediately blew out to sea. It was then that I knew that I had to learn how to sail back to the beach or I would need to get rescued. I made it back to the beach and was immediately hooked.

WAW: What is your best memory of windsurfing?
PC: Wow, I have so many memories it is hard to find the BEST one. However, winning the world title was clearly ONE of the best memories. Most of the other memories all include traveling with friends to remote places in the world and experiencing windsurfing in different cultures and oceans.

WAW: How do you see the sport evolving?
PC: Windsurfing has evolved quite a bit since I first began in 1976. It feels like a completely new sport now and the maneuvers the current pros are doing is simply incredible. I feel like the introduction of foiling, kitesurfing, and wingsurfing has opened the door for even more evolution in Windsurfing. There are now so many different concepts and materials that could make the windsurfing even more efficient moving into the next decade. Personally, I would like to see lighter and more efficient equipment that makes it more exciting in the air and on waves. 

WAW: What memories do you have of all the years you've been involved in windsurfing?
PC: Every time I look back at how long I have been involved in wind sports my mind always focuses on one thing. I acknowledge how windsurfing has really given me everything. It has given me the best career I could ask for and it has taught me many lessons in life. It has allowed me to live and work in and around the ocean my entire life.

WAW: What memory would you like to leave in this sport?
PC: I can not say it enough. I believe that windsurfing and the other wind sports are amongst the highest performing action sports that don’t require fuel or a motor. And this makes it not only incredibly fun… but it makes these sports great for the environment. Going forward, these sports will be incredibly important for the planet. And this is something that makes me really happy.

Photo: Darrell Wong

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